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Programme Participants Contributions Location Contact

Mihnea Dulea (IFIN-HH)
Romanian Tier-2 Federation

{gdpr D. B.} (ICI)
RoGrid Consortium

Nicolae Tapus (UPB)
The contribution of NCIT-UPB to the Tier-2 Federation

Ionel Stan (ISS)
ISS-ALICE: from AliEn to LCG

Felix Farcas (ITIM)
Grid at INCDTIM-CLUJ: recent progress and prospects

Eduard Pauna (IFIN-HH)
LHCb grid activities in IFIN-HH - RO-11-NIPNE site

Mihai Ciubancan (IFIN-HH)
One site for all: RO-07-NIPNE

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